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Aromatherapy for Pregnancy and Post-Natal Care : 1-day, £149


Aromatherapy in Pregnancy Diploma


Aromatherapy for Pregnancy and Post-Natal Care Diploma : 1-day

Whist pregnancy can be a wonderful time, it can also be uncomfortable, with backache, swollen legs and ankles and also anxiety about the birth.

This is a perfect time for using essential oils and aromatherapy – providing you stick to the rules!

The skin becomes very sensitive during pregnancy so you would need to know the correct way to dilute oils when preparing your blend.

Your client may also be very sensitive to the aromas of the oils and be adverse to oils she normally likes.

If you intend to use this with massage, please ensure that you are qualified in Pregnancy Massage before doing so. This course does NOT include a massage routine. 

Aromatherapy is a wonderful and powerful therapeutic treatment that uses the essential oils of plants with massage and by other methods.

Aromatherapy relaxes and supports you on all levels : mind, body and spirit.

Our Aromatherapy for Pregnancy and Post-Natal Care course teaches knowledge of 20 essential oils for use in Pregnancy, in the labour room and for post-natal care and how to blend them for safe use in massage and also for Inhalation, Vapourisers, Room Sprays,  Hot/Cold Compress, Aromatic Baths and Topical Application.

Course objectives:

  • History and benefits of aromatherapy
  • Your working environment, health & safety, COSHH regulations
  • Code of practice & insurance for therapists
  • Consultation procedure including contra-indications
  • Contra-actions and aftercare advice
  • Carrier oils
  • Knowledge and safe use of 20 essential oils
  • Blending of essential oils for use in Pregnancy, Labour Room and Post-natal care
  • Massagen and other therapeutic methods of using essential oils
  • Anatomy & physiology specific to aromatherapy

Please note – You will need to buy a kit of at least 20 essential oils for your case studies and to practice your treatments effectively.

CPD points – The Guild of Holistic Therapists award 10 CPD points to this course

Course accredited by:

  • Guild of Holistic Therapists
  • Professional Beauty Direct
  • International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine
  • International Association of Therapists

Course fee: £149

Please pay a Booking Fee of £44 to book your course; the balance of £105 is payable to your tutor no less than 10 days before your course.

Available from :  Cudworth/Barnsley and Doncaster venues

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