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Well what a wonderful three days of studying with an excellent tutor, Ros Watson.

Ros's teaching skills were excellent and she put me at ease straightaway. Especially so, as I had inadvertently caught the wrong train and was 30 minutes late. so thank you for your patience.

The course materials and content were just as they should be - excellent.

I have no hesitation in recommending the courses I undertook:

Facial and Holistic Facial massage and Hot Stone Massage.

Keep up the great work Ros.

Sheda - South of France (Training)

I just want to thank you so much for teaching me Thai Hand & Foot massage, I really enjoyed the course & am very happy to have met such a lovely person as you, I look forward to seeing you in the near future & doing more courses with you.

Shauna M – Worksop (Training)

We would like to thank you once again for the wonderful workshop. We both enjoyed it very much and even Chris the big sceptic has been asking to play with the techniques ever since! Not a sceptic anymore obviously. On Sunday night when we had the rest of the wine he had to have his QT charged!

Thalia P – Athens (Training)

I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing!

Ricardo – Lisbon, Portugal (Quantum Touch) - Training

Thank you very much for today! Was absolutely lovely, me and my mum really enjoyed it and your student was excellent

JM (model, Swedish Massage course) - Training

Thank you once again Ros, I thoroughly enjoyed both weekends, and today was just wonderful having such a pamper session.
I am looking forward to developing my new learned skills and coming back to show you. I will definitely be in touch with you again Ros, It was lovely meeting you and being taught by such an expert.
THANK YOU once again...and I WILL be in touch and book for other courses.

(JB - Swedish Massage and Holistic Facials) - Training

Just completed the hot stone massage course with Ros at barnsley what a wonderful day really enjoyed it. i have booked on the rose quatz facial course can't wait, its nice to find good courses near home thanks again.

Julie. January 25, 2012 (Training)

Roselyn has delivered to me a changed man!!! Chris had a really bad neck he went to see Ros and he is now fully cured and his posture is better too! I would recommend Ros to everyone

CL - Wakefield (Treatment)

You just did in 30 mins what the NHS have been unable to do in 5 years!

Mr F – Sheffield (Treatment)

I was told to “go away and take the painkillers” – now I don’t need them!

MD - Barnsley (Treatment)

When I attended for Physio they discharged me, saying it had “gone right on its own” ... No, it went right with QT!!

AH – Barnsley (Treatment)

Quantum Touch, no, it should be called 'Magic Touch'! You worked wonders

Sue C - Denby Dale (Treatment)

Thank you so much for the card reading you provided via email. It was extremely accurate and reflected my journey to where I find myself now; a great comfort to know that I am on the right path:) Your warmth and personality were reflected in the way you worded your information and I was grateful for the speed of your response. I'll be back!

Sheila B - Co Durham (Psychic Work/Tarot Readings)