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Course bookings can be made right up to the to the course date. However if booking less than 7 days before please check with us before paying your Booking Fee that there is still availability on the course. As we limit courses to 4 students courses are often fully booked.

Payments: You are paying a non-refundable BOOKING FEE ONLY to book your course.

The balance is payable to the Tutor who will contact you with instructions on how to pay.

Booking Fees should be paid on booking. The balance must be paid to the tutor at least 10 days before the course date.

Bookings made within 10 days of the course date should be paid in full at the time of booking, or upon receipt of the tutor’s payment details, and no later than 24 hours before the course starts.

In all cases, if not paid in time as stipulated you no longer have a place on the course and your booking fee is forfeited.

We will endeavour to contact you when this date is approaching but it is your responsibility to ensure that you diarise this date and adhere to this condition. 

Course Cancellation: In the event of a genuine reason for cancellation a request for transfer to a later course will of course be considered.

In the event of a complete cancellation by a student you will lose your booking fee.

If you cancel your course less than 7 days before the course date, you will lose your deposit and balance payment. If you wish to rebook, the full course fee will be charged and must be paid at the time of re-booking of the new date.

Failure to attend a course: If you fail to attend a course without notice and without a genuine reason your full course fee is lost.   If you wish to re-book, the full course fee will be charged and must be paid in full at the time of re-booking the new date.

If sickness is the reason for your non-attendance a doctor’s letter or copy of a sick note will be required, and you will be able to rebook and pay the £50 “late postponement” fee.  Only your own sickness or that of a spouse or child will cover this condition.

Contagious Diseases: All students and course models are asked to re-arrange their training if they have any form of infection/contagious disease (such as flu or stomach bug).

We will reschedule the training, as long as reasonable notice is given.

Similarly if any of our tutors are ill, with any form of infection/contagious disease, students are informed as soon as possible.

In either case, we suggest at least 48 hours after the infection has cleared up before the course can go ahead.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you or your model arrive for the course with any form of contagious disease your course will not proceed and your course fee will be forfeited.

This is particularly important during this time of Coronavirus.


Change of date: With good notice (ie no later than 7 days before the course date), your tutor may be willing to change the date of your course. However, for changes made with less than 7 days notice, a “late postponement” charge of £50 will be made.

Delayed courses: All courses must be taken within 6 months of the booking fee being paid.  Any longer delay in taking the courses will result in the booking fee being forfeited and the full course fee being payable to take the course.

Anatomy & Physiology and other distance learning courses must be paid in full at the time of booking and will not be refunded. These are home-study courses and can be studied at your leisure up to 6 months after booking.  If not completed within 6 months an additional fee may be paid to extend the course – £50 for the first 3 months and £15 for each subsequent month.  If not completed within 12 months the full course fee must be payable again (No discounts will apply at this stage.)

Assessment of Reflexology and Aromatherapy Diplomas: Students have 6 months from initial training date to complete case studies and assessment otherwise you must repeat days 1&2 at further cost.

Assessment of other courses: The vast majority of students will pass their course on the day. The courses are designed as intensive courses to be learned quickly. However, occasionally a student may not meet the required standard to pass. In this situation, students will need to return for extra practice of a treatment/ routine and re-assessment. An extra charge may be made for this.

Insurance:  It is the student’s responsibility to check with their own insurance provider that they will recognise our courses for insurance purposes.

Many of our courses are accredited by the Beauty Guild who offer insurance (underwritten by Hiscox Insurance). A discount is available to you as a Gentle Touch student if you quote our code number: 10444.

Courses are also accredited by:

Professional Beauty Direct

Complementary Medical Association The-CMA.Org.UK 

International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine:

We are also affiliated with Westminster Indemnity:

Please check on the page “Accreditation” to check which organisation accredits the course you wish to take.

Copyright: Gentle Touch Therapy Training College holds copyright for manuals supplied during training. These must not be copied or used in any way. Please respect this right.

Timing of courses: Timing of classes is at the tutor’s discretion. Our courses start at 10.00am, unless we have arranged a different time direct with you.  Classes can and do end earlier/later than stated depending on size, odd student numbers and other factors. If it is to be taught on a one-to-one basis we often finish earlier.

Refresher courses: You may refresh skills in up to two subjects maximum on your refresher day (subject to tutor approval) and excepting Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy and Reflexology – these need a full day each.

You are required to provide your certificates before attendance on the day. Please bring your notes for your procedure/routine so that you can refresh your treatment as it has been taught to you.

1:1 training: If you specifically request 1:1 training an extra charge may be made. This is entirely at the tutor’s discretion.

Courses will still run if there is only one student but you will need to bring a friend or family member to practice on. It is the responsibility of the student to find a model. Tutors may try and provide models if you are finding it difficult to bring one yourself.

Models: All models must be over 18, in good health and not have any contraindications. If your model does have any contra-indications the course will not be able to go ahead until the model is in good health or an alternative model is found. You will be sent an email with contra-indications relevant to the procedure you are learning.

Patch Testing:   Models and Students for Lash & Brow Tinting : For Health & Safety and insurance reasons a patch test MUST be carried out on yourself and your model 48 hours prior to these courses.  This can be done either at the training venue if you live nearby or by yourself, having purchased your own kit, which you must bring on the training day.   If your model is found not to have had a patch test on the day of training, the course cannot go ahead and your course fee will be forfeited.  If you wish to do the course at a later date you will need to rebook at full cost.

Lost items – Gentle Touch Therapy Training College takes no responsibilities for any valuables or possessions or vehicles whilst you are on our premises.

Thank you for reading the whole page – this is very important!!