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Psychic Discovery: Home Study : £49


Psychic Discovery course.

Discover things you can do that you didn’t know you could do!


Psychic Discovery workshop

8-Module workshop

The Course:   This Psychic Discovery workshop will provide you with information to discover your psychic abilities safely.
You will be shown how developing psychic abilities is fun and enjoyable and it will help you to discover where your psychic talent lies.

Over the 8 modules we will cover:

Grounding and Protection: Before performing any type of psychic activities you should always ground and protect yourself so that you do not leave yourself vulnerable to any negative energies of any form or nature. Our simple-to-follow meditations provide you with that ability.

Meditation: Meditation can provide a gateway to use for spiritual and psychic development. Our guided meditations give you the opportunity to receive what you need from the universe.

Auras and Chakras: We introduce you to how your energy body works. Our chakra meditation allows you to cleanse and heal your chakras and aura. This can enhance your psychic performance.

Crystals: Crystals are powerful healing tools that resonate with the energy of person and can provide a gentle non-invasive healing. We will show you how to choose some crystals which may be used for cleansing your chakras, how to cleanse your crystals and how to charge them to get the most from their special properties.

Pendulums and Dowsing: We will discuss how to use a pendulum to check for blockages in your chakras. How to use a pendulum to divine yes/no answers to simple questions.

Cards /cartomancy: How you can use your intuition, the imagery and feelings of the cards to give a reading rather than just using the written meaning of a card. Let the cards tell you a story.

Psychometry and Photographs: We provide an exercise to help you connect with a object and give a reading for a person based upon what you sense from the object.  Similar to Psychometry, photographs can connect you to the people in a photograph and then tune into the person and possibly feel the personality traits and deeper relationships between the people in the photograph.

Angels: What are Angels? Contacting your Guardian Angels, working with Angel cards and asking for help from the Angels

Course fee: £49 – home study course


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