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Meditation Teacher : 2-days : £250



Meditation is a popular practice in the Western world, among people from all walks of life. It is an approach which anyone can use, to help them cope with medical problems, stress, and anxiety by way of thought, contemplation, and reflection.

Meditation can bring about healing of mind, body and spirit.

Many physical benefits can be experienced when meditation is a part of daily life, including lower blood pressure and an improvement in breathing.

Meditation used regularly can lower the resting heart rate, which takes some of the stress off the heart.

By the end of this course students will know:

  • The principles of Meditation
  • Benefits of Meditation
  • How to manage your working environment
  • Code of Practice and insurance for therapists
  • The Consultation process  including Contra-indications
  • How to advise clients re Contra-actions and Aftercare advice
  • How to Self-Heal with Meditation
  • How to conduct a Meditation treatment
  • How to arrange a Meditation class

Pre-Requisites:  None – suitable for beginners

Accreditation:  The course is fully accredited by the Guild of Holistic Therapists and by Complementary Therapy Association.

Course fee:  £250

Please pay the Booking Fee of £70 and then the balance of £180 is to be paid no later than 10 days before the course commences.

Course Length:  2- days

Date:  We teach on a one-to-one basis so the date is whenever we are both available.  Contact us to discuss dates.