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Kundalini Reiki 3 : Master/Teacher : Home Study : £125



Kundalini Reiki is possibly the simplest form of healing and self-development system that exists!

By opening and strengthening the energy channels of the body, it is possible to channel healing Reiki energy to yourself and others, just by intention.

What is Kundalini?

Being attuned to Kundalini opens all your healing channels and chakras and you gain access to the Earth’s energy which is a part of the universal energy.

The Root Chakra is the entrance for the Kundalini energy, which then travels up through all the Chakras and then back down to arrive at the hands to be used to give a healing treatment.

The Kundalini energy is known as “Kundalini Fire.”

Kundalini Level 1 will have Awakened the Kundalini Fire within you.

Kundalini Level 2 is the Practitioner level, allowing you to practice professionally.

Kundalini Reiki Master/Teacher includes attunement to eight more vibrations of Reiki  plus instructs you how attune others to the energy

Course Contents

Kundalini Reiki 3 : Master/Teacher

Module 1 : Recap on Levels 1 and 2

Module 2 : Principles of and Procedure for:

  • Diamond Reiki
  • Crystalline Reiki

Module 3: Principles of and Procedure for:

  • DNA Reiki
  • Birth Trauma Reiki

Module 4: Principles of and Procedure for:

  • Location Reiki
  • Past Life Reiki

Module 5: Principles of and Procedure for:

  • Balance
  • Chakra Balancing

Module 6:  Treatment Routine

Module 7:  Kundalini Reiki Master symbols

Module 8:  Attuning others to Kundalini Reiki

In-person attunements for:

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Master/Teacher level

Module 9:  Attuning others to Kundalini Reiki

Distance Attunements

  • Programmed
  • Audio attunements
  • Chi ball

Module 10:  Attuning Objects


Pre-Requisites:  Kundalini Level 2 – + 1 month practice

Accreditation:  The course is fully accredited by :

  • Complementary Medical Association
  • Professional Beauty Direct
  • International Association of Therapists
  • International Holistic Medicine Association

Course fee:  £125 

Course Length: Home Study


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