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Guide to Contactless Treatments : £49



A Guide to Contactless Treatments for The Post-Covid Therapy Business

This 58 -page manual covers how to give Contactless Treatments in over 20 therapies.

In March 2020 the whole world changed – virtually overnight!

From a world where we are able to move freely from country to country as well as within our own personal worlds we were told to :

Stay Home!  Stay Safe!  Save Lives!

The whole of the UK went into Lockdown and all businesses except for those vital to our livelihood were closed – and this included the majority of our Therapy businesses.

Although we are now possibly seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, this is still a time of uncertainty.

Now is the time to Adapt and Diversify!!

The manual includes information on Contactless Treatments with:

Reiki, and other Energy Healing

–              Usui Reiki

–              Angelic Reiki

–              Kundalini Reiki

–              Gold Reiki

–              Andromeda Healing

Charging Objects with Energy and Intention

Amulet Healing

Crystal Healing

Flower Remedies/Essences

Angel Essences

Angel Card Reading

Crystal and Chakra Essences

Chakra Balancing



High Vibrational Nutrition

Colour Healing

Therapeutic Artwork

Hand Reflexology

Beauty Therapies

“Spa at Home” Recipes

Courses information & Accreditation

  • As this is an informational manual it is not accredited and there is no assessment and completion certificate.