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Colour Therapy

Colour Healing

Colour Counselling


Colour Therapy is a subtle, non-invasive, therapy using the healing energy contained in the visible rays of colour.

Colour Therapists aim to bring about balance of energies of colour in the human in order to promote harmony and balance between the body, mind and spirit. When this balance occurs are we able to work towards a state of perfect health.

Colour Therapy is a complementary therapy, which works well with many other methods of treatments. However there are many cases where colour therapy has worked while other methods of treatment have not produced the desired effect.

You do not have to be ill to benefit from Colour Therapy.  We are all striving towards holistic and perfect health. It can be used as a Maintenance Treatment to retain good health.

By the end of this course students will know:

  • The principles of Colour Therapy Healing/Counselling
  • History of Colour Therapy
  • Benefits of Colour Therapy
  • How to manage your working environment
  • Code of Practice and insurance for therapists
  • The Consultation process  including Contra-indications
  • How to advise clients re Contra-actions and Aftercare advice
  • History and Science of Colour
  • Aura and Chakras and colour
  • Colour Psychology and Counselling, and Art Therapy
  • Connection between music and fragrance and colour
  • Use of Colour in clothing, jewellery and décor
  • Colour Breathing/visualisations/affirmations/meditations
  • Colour in the diet/solarised water
  • Use of colour in therapies
  • Treatment for specific ailments

Pre-Requisites:  None – suitable for beginners

Accreditation:  The course is fully accredited by

  • Complementary Therapy Association
  • International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine
  • International Association of Therapists

Course fee:  £125 – reducedto £95 during Covid-19 crisis!