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#3 – Aromatherapy for Managing Pain


Aromatherapy Workshop


Aromatherapy for Managing Pain

One-Day Interactive Workshop – 10am – 3pm

Sunday 23rd July 2023

This fun and Interactive Workshop will guide you to the most appropriate essential oils to assist with all your aches and pains, wherever and whatever the cause

Whether your issue is headaches, period pains, backache, arthritis, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, or other painful condition, living with pain can be distressing and debilitating.

Painkillers may help you to cope with it, but they usually just mask the pain and do not address the underlying issue.  In addition the continual use of painkillers can sometimes have unwanted side effects.

The good news is “I’ve got an oil for that…!” 

During this interactive workshop we will discuss the various causes of chronic pain and introduce you to essential oils which have properties that can ease this for you.

Finally, you will tailor-make a blend exclusively to assist with your own symptoms and create your very own bespoke product to take home with you, in addition to using it on the day in a short Introduction to Massage session of the workshop.

Come and join us for the third of these wonderful experiential days discovering the wonders of Aromatherapy on Sunday 11th June 2023 at our Royston, Barnsley training venue under the expert leadership of Jude Dodd, Clinical Aromatherapist – our newest Gentle Touch tutor!

WORKSHOP FEE : £50, includes info sheet, products to take home – + CPD certificate, if appropriate

Note:  This workshop does not enable you to practice Aromatherapy on clients, unless you are already a qualified Aromatherapist

You can, however, use this information to assist yourself, your family and friends (informally) to improve your general wellbeing

You’re Qualified in Aromatherapy?  Fabulous!!  This workshop is worth 4 CPD points!!    Please ask for CPD cert. when booking

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