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Amulet Healing : Half-day : £100


Learn to create Amulets for healing and protection



An Amulet is an item that a person might wear or carry around with them in the belief that it will bring them good luck or protect them.

In the times of ancient Egypt, part of their religious beliefs included that amulets were a very important form of protection.

In the modern world people often carry amulets like a good luck coin or wear religious symbols.

Amulet Healing in the context of this course is a method of prolonging the treatment for your clients, allowing them to continue to receive energy for a full 28 days after a treatment session.

Together with your client you choose an appropriate Amulet, program it for the client’s highest good and the client takes this with them after treatment.

The Amulet continues to slowly release energy for the next 14 days, providing the client with a steady flow of energy during this time.

After 14 days you re-charge the Amulet to enable it to continue working for the next 14 days.

After 28 days your client returns for re-assessment.

Amulet Healing can be used in conjunction with Energy healing (e.g. Reiki, Andromeda healing) or with Crystal Healing or Angel Healing.

Course fee:  £100

Course Length : 3 hours (half day)

Pre-requisites:  Reiki or Crystal Healing or Angel Healing

CPD points – 14

What’s included? Comprehensive course manual, accredited certificate.

All products and equipment required to do the training will be provided on the day

Kit: You will need an Amulet kit to practice professionally.  We supply a kit of 10 Amulets + display stand for £35.00


  • Guild of Holistic Therapists
  • International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine
  • Professional Beauty Direct
  • International Association of Therapists

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Booking fee\Amulet Kit

Booking fee, Amulet kit